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  • TUV Test CE Approved designed Customized Foam Pit Large Indoor Jumping Trampoline

TUV Test CE Approved designed Customized Foam Pit Large Indoor Jumping Trampoline

Model No. NN-2019-064
Size Customized
Certificates ISO14001,ISO18000,ISO9001,SGS,CE,etc.
Usage City park,Supermarket, Mcdonald's,kindergardon,Game hall or anyother indoor playground

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Material Description

Model No.: NN-2019-064

Size: Customized


1.Jumping Mats:jumping mat is import from USA

2.Frame:80*80cm,thickness 3mm,galvanized steel inside outside

3.spring:Galvanlized material with 21cm long.The spring of the professional

trampoline is 26cm long

4.Pad:EPE foam inside, closed-cell foam that will not absorb water,mildew or lose shape width in 88/48cm thickmess is 7cm; Professional trampoline:110/59cm, thickmess is 15cm

5.Vinyl Cover:0.45mm thick,UV protection,any color is available

6.Safety Net:Polyethyene or Polyester materials,wide 3m

Color: All parts color can be modified. Please send a mail to ask for color sheet range

Price Terms: EXW Factory / FOB Ningbo

Payment: T/T(30% BEFORE PRODUCTION, T/T 70% BEFORE SHIPMENT) Design ability:With strong team support of 8 members of professional designers. We can design any customized trampoline park according to your requirement.

Certificate: CE.SGS.TUV.ASTM.IS9001 certificates

Soft padding: 

We use one layer of EPE(pearl cotton)+0.45pvc,the thickness of EPE is 7cm .EPE is water proof,strong toughness ,high impact force and eco-friendly. We use high quality pvc,which is imported transverse weft knitting flash leather and skid resistance.It is         

high intensity with good safety performance.

Jumping Mats:

The flat surface is made of double-layered surface, the material is PP material, the surface is strong and has good shrinkage, and the impact strength and scratch resistance are excellent.


Normal spring: 21.5cm;professional spring: four corner 30cm long, other sides 26cm long , the national team special professional spring, in line with national standards. The spring core material is 65 manganese, the surface is galvanized and the softness is good.

Foam Block:

It adopts 18cm square PU foam with a density of 21kg/m3, which is flame retardant, non-toxic, tasteless and non-irritating.


80×80mm, 40×40mm, 40×80mm three kinds of specifications, thickness 3.0mm, high strength black carbon steel.

Main column:

Mian Frame:80*80mm,Other 40*80mm or 40*40mm。The overall structure is stable, firm and durable.

Introduction to Play

Free jumping area:

This area mainly for beginner and children,with moderate elasticity of the area,through simply learning to master the skill.The professional coaches to guide player.

Moreover, in the free trampoline area, you can challenge all kinds of funny bounce movements. It is also suitable for casual play in a certain area in the three or five groups. At the same time, there are soft walls in the project,you can try different ways of playing.


Slam dunk area

The player holds The basketball in hand, and makes shots and even dunks on The trampoline. Do you want to experience the NBA star's Slam Dunk on the court? Trampoline Slam Dunk area, you feel much more than that. Throw the ball into the basket using trampoline bounce basket, easily transform into the air dunk master, experience the freedom of flying body jump with joy, make the basketball more simple and more interesting.


Dodge ball area:

The dodge ball area is an entertainment area. It combines the foreign dodge ball movement with the trampoline. It is a form of trampoline exercise that combines fun, cooperation and competition. The customer will complete the dodgeball movement on the trampoline, and the undulating trampoline will bring more fun to the customer while increasing the difficulty of avoiding.


Professional trampoline area:

The trampoline bed of this area with more flexible,you can do different actions when jumping,which bring more exciting and unique trampoline experience.


Climbing wall

Rock climbing can train people's courage, increase foot strength and coordination, and enhance physical strength. Rock climbing requires the player to be able to load his weight, resist gravity, enhance thinking, concentrate, and concentrate on the rock, paying attention to every detail of the body's displacement on the rock wall. Rock climbing can cultivate a person's concentration on things. Climbing can reduce excess body fat and transform into line muscles.


Spider tower

Players stand on top of the spider tower with their backs to the spider tower and experience the thrill of falling layer by layer.


Simulated ski slide:

With cortical life buoy,let the player can simulate the stimulation of skiing feeling,distinguish from other general slide.The possibility of a single game can make kids have more fun.


Devil slide

The most thrilling slide project,so that children and parents play a hundred tire,in accordance with European safety standards designed devil slides,will ensure that the user screams in the scare of a smooth landing.


3D modeling

Our design team will work with you to develop a 3D model of the park to help with visualization of the facility before manufacture begins.

Innovative Design

We are very focused on innovation, always pay attention to popular games, and integrate them into the trampoline park, dedicated to bringing customers a different experience.

Professional installation

We have an experienced installation team and we will provide a comprehensive handover service once we are confident that you are familiar with all aspects of the trampoline system.

quick turnaround times

In order to shorten the production cycle, we have a large amount of inventory, built trampoline park within 6 weeks from order placement

Lifetime support

In order to ensure that our customers can better operate their own trampoline park, we will provide customers with continuous training and maintenance services.


Q1:If I do not like the color ,can you change it?

A1:Sure,we can modify the color or size according you like,then produce according the modify design

Q2:How long does it take to get a plan or design?How about the production time?

A2:It depends on the size of your playground。The production cycle depends on the size of your site, usually in 2-6 weeks. In order to save production time, we have a very large inventory to ensure that we provide our customers with a perfect trampoline park in the shortest possible time.

Q3:Is there special requirements for the floor?

A3:In addition to the height of the area,there is no special requirements,we can make the playground according the floor conditions