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  • Popular Ninja Course Factory Price Ninja Warrior

Popular Ninja Course Factory Price Ninja Warrior

Model No.: NN-NJ-2018-023
Frame size: Customized
Foam cube size:  Customized
Tube material:

a.Made of aluminum or iron
b.Safety Pad
c.EPE foam inside, closedcell foam that

Will not absorb water.

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Material Description

Model No.:NN-NJ-2018-023

Frame size:Customized

foam cube size:Customized

Tube material:

a.Made of aluminum or iron

b.Safety Pad

c.EPE foam inside, closedcell foam that

Will not absorb water.

Vinyl Cover:0.55mm thick, UV protection , any color is available

Safety Net:Polyethylene or Polyester materials

Design:free design

Certificates:ISO14001,ISO18000,ISO9001,SGS,CE, etc.

Product Description

Use Modular Aluminum Structure or Modular Steel Structure. The structure can be expanded in any direction, making the attraction easy to upgrade.


Including starting & finishing Platforms and Internal Platforms, Ninja Courses have a starting and finishing platforms at the beginning and end of each corridor. There are internal platforms between some obstacles, which are used to transition from one section of the Ninja Course to another.


There are over 100 different Ninja Course obstacles to choose from, each varying in difficulty. Different obstacles can exercise different abilities, such as arm strength, leg strength, balance ability, coordination ability and so on.

Safety Components:

Safety net:A safety net surrounds elevated Ninja Courses to prevent participant falls that may lead to injuries.

Protective pad:Use 20cm high pearl cotton or 15cm sponge to ensure the safety of the player.

Our Services

    1. Customized Design

    We can freely make different size and structure in design to achieve the maximum use of you space. And we also accept to produce the unusual play items.

    2. Quality Control

    To ensure there’s

    No problem to trouble the customers, we keep doing goods inspection before shipment,and assembly structure in advance.

    3.CAD Drawings-Installation Instructions

    Once you place the order, we can freely offer the customers Installation Manual. And other detail list about product, such as component list, we also can do it. Just please inform us in advance.

    4. After-sales Services

    We insist on offering top class product and service.

    Perfect after-sale system to maximize the interests of customers.

    If any questions related to our product feel freely to contact us.

    We will solve your problem at the first time.

    5.Premium Quality for High Reliability 

    (1)Perfect design plan;

    (2)Standardized production;

    (3)Specialized management;

    (4)Strict quality control;

    (5)Certificates: ISOI4001, ISOI8000, ISO9001 & GS from TUV Company of Germany.