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  • Low price custom children indoor playground with climbing and devil slide

Low price custom children indoor playground with climbing and devil slide

Model No. NN-2019-0091
Type Indoor playground
Size Customized
Certificates ISO14001,ISO18000,ISO9001,SGS,CE,etc.
Usage City park,Supermarket, Mcdonald's,kindergardon,Game hall or anyother indoor playground

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Model No.:NN-2019-091

Type:Indoor playground



a. Anti-UV

b. Anti-static

c. Safe

d. Environmental protection

e. Color is not easy to fade


1.Frame:All frames are constructed from Galvanized steel post , 48mm OD and 1.5mm or 2mm thickness of the tubing.

2.Casing:High-density pearl cotton round tube, fire retardant.The galvanized pipe used to cover the main steel frame prevents the steel frame from coming into direct contact with children and acts as a safety collision avoidance. And the color is diverse, and the overall color matching with the product is one of the main parts of the overall product.

3.Metal fittings:Screw is 304 stainless steel,The joint and the foot plate are made of cast iron.

4.Deck, Step Platform,Stair etc.:All these parts are made of wood, sponge, PVC. We use strong and solid multilayer board, covered with sponge which makes the parts soft. The outside surface are covered by PVC leather with different colors,it's flame retardant,attractive and easy to clean.The total thickness of the deck is 5cm.

5.Plastic Components:LLDPE.In line with GB / T 4454-1996 requirements, plastic wall thickness of 6mm or more, colorful, anti-ultraviolet (UV) ability up to 8 levels, in line with Australian food grade standards non-toxic and tasteless, adding anti-UV, light stabilizer, luminous powder and anti- Electrostatic agent, high-grade pigment powder, formed by a large-scale positive and negative flow line rotamolding machine. Good toughness, high strength, smooth on both sides, no cracking, beautiful shape, anti-aging, anti-static, smooth surface, bright color, no fading, durable.

6.Net rope:HDPE,net rope is 5mm thick, grid size is 50*50mm. Fire retardant, strong and wear resistant.Used for protection around the frame to prevent falling hazards and dangerous contact.

7.Floor mat:Made of EVA, environmentally friendly, 2.0 cm thick, in line with European standards, we can also provide B1 level

8.Sea ball: LLDPE.Add anti-UV, light stabilizer, luminous powder and antistatic agent, high-grade pigment powder, processed by hot blow extrusion, diameter 80mm, weight can choose 8 g or 12 g.


Usage:City park,Supermarket, Mcdonald's,kindergarten,Game hall or any other indoor playground


NIUNIU AMUSEMENT - the top manufacturer in the amusement equipment industry - is committed to providing customers with safe game forms and innovative playground integrated solutions that are as beneficial to business as children. As a part.of Qiaoxia Whenzhou., the China famous playground and recreation manufacturing town, this strong backing and manufacturing expertise to develop the most innovative products and safe designs. There can be no better choice than one with the extensive experience, innovative product design and professional service history as NIUNIU AMUSEMENT.

CUSTOMIZATION:We create a play system that is uniquely yours, and all of our equipment and components can be tailored for multiple age groups.

SAFETY SURFACING:An important aspect of providing a safe play environment is the installation of a high-quality, impact absorbing surfacing.

QUALITY AND SAFETY:NIUNIU AMUSEMENT approach to quality and safety begins long before the manufacturing process starts. Being focused solely on contained play allows to get it right from a quality and safety perspective.To ensure there’s no problem to trouble the customers, we keep doing goods inspection before shipment, and assembly structure in advance.

FIELD SERVICE AND CONSTRUCTIONI:We personally train, certify and periodically test our group of approved and independent installation professionals to help ensure proper assembly of our systems.

AFTERMARKET PARTS:Our dedication to safety and quality is unsurpassed.Perfect after-sales system to provide customers with quality service, high-quality parts, is more secure and reliable

YOUR ENTERTAINMENT CENTER:We believe that designing a high return play system for your family entertainment center depends on having a precise understanding of your needs. It' s no longer enough to have one-size-fits-all philosophy when it comes to designing the play areas that attract and retain customers. We understand what it takes to run a successful entertainment center and we are looking forward to.sharing our expertise with you.