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NIUNIU Trampoline park in Shandong

Time : 2019-07-31

In this trampoline park, we use pink as the main color, pink soft padding, pink and white ocean balls, pink foam pit, all the pink elements, as if to take us into Barbie's world.

Devil slideThe player puts his feet on the sack, while holding his hands and sliding down vertically, feel the joy of the devil slide!

Wandering bridgeThe members are divided into two groups to fight against each other. They shake their feet and let the other party lose their center of gravity and fall into the foam pitl. Whoever stands on the bridge will win.

Free jumpingJump freely on a large trampoline bed, and enjoy yourself.

Professional trampoline area;

Here, you can do more actions when jumping, which brings more exciting and unique trampoline experience. Of course, pay attention to safety, we recommend to be guided by professional coaches in this area.

Russian Roulette: Come on, jump up, don't be hit by the roller!

Foam pit: Jump up, jump into the foam pit and feel the sponge hug.

EPP building blocks: When you are tired on the trampoline, you can also choose to relax in the epp building blocks, calm down and build different shapes with epp bricks.

Soft playground: Of course, we also designed the soft playground area for kids.