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Trampoline Park Management and Management Skills

Time : 2019-08-12

Today, trampolines are very popular, and their customer base is different from that of children's playgrounds. Not only children, young people, but even middle-aged people are the target customers of trampoline parks. Therefore, their management skills are different from ordinary children's parks.

Opening Propaganda 

Before the opening of the trampoline park, it should be promoted and promoted, and its influence will be expanded and its popularity will be accumulated. Free trial coupons can be issued to allow customers to experience the free trampoline, let potential customers know that they have their own trampoline park brand, and build the popularity of the trampoline. During the trial period, they can actively organize rich interactive activities, such as parent-child games ( Balloons, ballooning, leggings, etc.), a lively and happy atmosphere can give parents a good impression; in addition, during the trial operation of the trampoline park, you can give a small gift related to the brand of the trampoline. Prepare some small gifts for customers. One is to make customers feel warm and intimate. Second, they can use these small gifts to advertise to the trampoline park to attract parents to bring their children to the store to experience consumption in the future.


Recharge Card & Membership Card

As a wide-ranging project, the trampoline targets children from young children to middle-aged people, so it can introduce recharge cards or membership cards to customers from all sides. Let some staff with more sales experience introduce the benefits of recharging cards and membership cards. During the trial operation period, the discount card and membership card discounts can be larger, try to accumulate more customers, and withdraw funds in the early stage. Register customer information information during the recharge card and membership card, and provide special discounts on the customer's birthday.

For members, it is necessary to increase the promotion of the trampoline park membership card, increase the membership's discount, and distinguish the benefits of members and non-members, so as to cultivate customer loyalty. The membership card can also be personalized and will be more liked by customers. We can set up a facebook or WhatsApp group, and occasionally offer promotions to members, small gift distribution, and so on. In addition, because the trampoline customer group involves children, young people and even middle-aged people, the membership card has a variety of consumption packages, which can be set into a child experience, an adult experience, a parent-child family experience, etc., to provide customers with more choices.


Staff management

The trampoline park should strengthen the staff management inside the trampoline, train the staff and strengthen the cultivation of responsibility. Employ employees who have the knowledge and skills of professional trampolines. This can provide professional guidance and protection during the customer experience, provide customers with professional trampoline demonstrations, and enable employees to handle problems in the face of emergencies and provide customers with a good experience. In addition to professional, employees should also pay attention to etiquette attitude, be patient with customers, and let customers feel the smile service. The essence of employee management is to maintain the safety of the park and the atmosphere of the active paradise, and to enhance the image of the brand in the hearts of customers.


Event planning

The trampoline park can hold regular trampoline activities, especially on the statutory holidays. The activities are as diverse as possible, and different small sections can be set up to take care of customers of all ages, to enhance the customer's experience and deepen their impression of the park; to promote knowledge about the trampoline, skills, etc,or add the trampoline competition to increases the fun of the event and accumulates more popularity.