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Time : 2019-08-06

Trampoline, as one of the most popular sports, is a set of safety, fitness, leisure, entertainment, social in one of the latest American safe aerobic exercise experience!Its comprehensive fitness, stress reduction, parent-child, expansion in one, is a suitable for people aged 3-60 to participate in the national activities.So what do you need to watch out for when you're green hand in trampoline?How can you play in the trampoline world?Come on!Let me tell you!

1.For safety, children under three years old are not recommended here.Teenagers under the age of 12 are advised to enter the bed area with their parents or under their supervision. Of course, if you are adults, please feel free to play

2.For the sake of your health, during illness and recovery, please take care of your body. It is recommended not to participate in such strenuous exercise

3.It is a pity that the bearing capacity of our trampoline is limited, so we can not provide more than 240 kg of customers to play.

1.It is suggested that please pay attention to the security measures and admission instructions before admission.

2.To ensure safety, warm up with the trainer before you start playing

3.Sports in the stadium require professional trampoline socks, which are sold at each venue, of course customers can also bring their own,that's no problem at all.

4.In order to experience the sport better, it is recommended not to bring irrelevant items into the venue. Valuable items and carry-on luggage can be stored in the storage cabinets in the venue.For their own and other people's safety, it is recommended not to wear long nails and glasses, while girls suggest to tie up good hair, in case of scattered injury.

5.Suggest to wear trousers, long sleeves admission, so as not to scratch

6.For the sake of hygiene and safety, it is recommended not to bring food into the venue

1. Do not chase or play, push or pull, or bump into people when entering the sports area. Do not jump over one or more jumping surfaces continuously.

2. each trampoline is only one person to use, try to be in the single trampoline no one, take turns to experience.When several people jump at the same time, they are most likely to be in danger.

3. Before entering the sponge pool, it is necessary to confirm whether there is anyone in the pool, especially children, and not to enter until the other party is ashore, otherwise it is easy to bump into or be bumped by others.

4. Entering the climbing rock requires the consent of the staff and safety protection measures, and non-staff shall not provide protection measures arbitrarily.

5. Non-professionals are not allowed to perform dangerous and difficult movements, such as front somersault, back somersault and rotation, etc.

6. can not do without authorization to try unsafe activities, such as princess hold, throw others into the sponge pool, jump into the sponge pool in non-designated height, especially beginners easily sprain waist, ankle.

7.when the body loses balance, please protect your wrists, ankles and waist, in a predictable range, try to use the buttocks, back contact net surface, absolutely prohibit using the hand to support the net surface, when the knee implantation is taboo, easy to hurt the waist;Untrained trampolines should not bounce too high.

8. Parents or guardians should not leave around the trampoline during trampoline practice to prevent children from getting lost after getting off the trampoline.

9.must strictly abide by the rules of each area, obey the command of the staff in the bed area, listen to dissuade.