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EPP Building Blocks Paradise

Time : 2019-08-09

Almost every child has played with blocks. These seemingly bland parts can be presented to us in another form through different assembling, just like magic, always bringing surprises to children. However, the traditional building blocks are ultimately too monotonous and boring. In order to enrich the children's building blocks experience, EPP Building Block Children's Paradise was born.

EPP Building Blocks Children's Paradise, as its name suggests, is a children's playground built of EPP material blocks. EPP has the characteristics of light specific gravity, good elasticity, shock and compression resistance, strong deformation recovery, non-toxic and tasteless, recyclable, oil resistant and insulating. The children's playground built by EPP blocks is also safe, environmentally friendly, durable and not easily deformed.

The EPP Building Block Children's Paradise can be arbitrarily changed and changed in its overall shape. EPP blocks contain a variety of loose parts, including cubes, bricks, game mats, small stools, large stools, lockers, etc., but the parts are not simply loose. They have holes and shapes that allow the child's ideas to continue. A pair becomes a wall. A wall turned into a room. The room became a house. These pieces can be joined together for long immersive games. Therefore, the EPP Building Block Children's Park will not have children who are tired or do not want to play. After a while, the operator can change the shape and let it appear in front of the children in another appearance, which is both magical and novelty.

Parents can encourage their children to play with blocks when playing in the EPP Building Blocks Children's Paradise. Of course, in the process of building children's blocks, parents need to pay attention to, do not tell the children what to do or how to do it, should let the children play freely, let them fully use their imagination, according to their own ideas Fight to build their work. Parents can evaluate and encourage their work.

For children, such a amusement program fully mobilizes their imagination and creativity, they can create as they like. Not only that, but building with blocks is important for improving the flexibility and accuracy of your child's hand movements, as well as improving hand-eye coordination.

EPP Building Blocks Children's Paradise has the same effect as the millions of marine ball pools and super trampolines. It uses the quantity and scale to create a spectacular playground surface, which can also mobilize children's interest in playing and playing.