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Congratulation on the Success of “2019 The 6th China Wuhan International Games & Amusement Fair ”

Time : 2019-03-18

Congratulation on the Success of “2019 The 6th China Wuhan International Games & Amusement Fair ”

-- Niuniu Amusement

 With the Spring approaching, our Wuhan exhibition comes to a perfect ending. 

For those who didn’t have a chance to come to the scene, don’t feel a pity, here Niuniu has prepared many lively photos, let’s go and enjoy the charms of our show. 

There are so many people coming to the fair, you could have a glimpse from Niuniu’s booth which is crowded with so many visitors. 

This time we displayed the “Future Star” which is one of the most classic theme among our products. It has “Capsule Rocket”, “Projection TV” and “Einstein” game house. By the presence of all these elements that with rich sense of future science and technology, kids will enjoy their time playing in the Fascination of science.